A Destination To-Do List | Tying the Knot at Viceroy Riviera Maya

Weddings — July 30, 2018

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White sand beaches, serene private villas, chef-inspired cuisine and a full service spa … all set against a gorgeous backdrop of a vibrant, colorful culture. That describes a destination wedding at Viceroy Riviera Maya, a tropical paradise near Mexico’s beautiful Playa Del Carmen. This dreamy destination inspired our luxe wedding design, allowing this couple to invite friends and family to enjoy a wedding experience to rival any vacation, and certainly one they will never forget.

No matter where your destination wedding takes place, here are a few steps to ensure your own big day is just as unforgettable.

Build Excitement. Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your big day, but it should also give your guests guidance on travel arrangements, what to pack, how to dress for events, and how to plan for their trip. In short, with the right combination of creative flair and information, its teasing tips hint at the exciting itinerary to come.

Get Inspired by the Locale. Don’t fight your destination’s natural environment. It will be much easier to design your wedding if the setting adds to the natural ambiance, rather than competes with it. That means, choose your resort carefully. For this wedding design, I was inspired by the resort’s natural architecture in shades of greens and browns, and was able to enhance the inherent beauty of the atmosphere with bright metallic details and vibrant pops of color.

Create an Engaging Experience. Whether your guests have traveled near or far to celebrate with you on your special day, take the time to consider how you can truly heighten their experience. Welcome them with a special gift or by setting up special amenities throughout their stay that will add to their enjoyment of the experience, and try not to over schedule the guests, so that they have the chance to explore and relax.


Dress the Part. When you are thinking of what to wear for your destination wedding, be sure to keep in mind the location – are you on the beach or a pier where it’s hard to wear shoes? Is your celebration outside, and is it typically hot or cold in this climate? What type of special weather considerations will you need to keep in mind?

Have Fun! A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to leave all your worries and cares behind and become completely immersed in a new location. Choose a resort that will make your experience effortless and be able to accommodate special requests to personalize your wedding so that it truly represents your personality and tastes.

Photos by Janet Howard Studio and video by Sea Love Wedding Films