A Party Animal | Noah’s 1st Birthday

Social Events — June 3, 2019

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Ready to go on a safari with me? As a planner, I get to embrace and execute all sorts of themes, and for all kinds of parties, so when we sat down to brainstorm something fun for Noah’s 1st birthday, I knew it had to be unique, colorful and full of the same energy he is!

We chose Park Studios for its gorgeous blank canvas look that lends perfectly to any kind of party theme with a clean, neutral starting point. We used a wild color palette based in black and white, then fleshed out with vibrant oranges and tropical greens to create an outdoor wild animal safari perfect for this adventurous little guy.

Stuffed animals and balloon-character zebras, tigers, pandas, elephants and more got dressed up in fun patterns and bold pops of color. The end result was an artful spin on the classic animal theme with elements that lit up every child’s (and adult’s!) eyes.

On the floor, a low 16-foot table made by setting a modern, white tabletop on wooden pallets provided easy to access for kids and parents to sit together. At the center of the table, white flowers and green tropical leaves burst upward, making each little guest feel like they were deep in the jungle. It was comfy, too! A white rug and orange and grey floor pillows surrounded the table, letting everyone get cozy for the sweet treats and eats.

You guys know I love a good dessert display, so to highlight a spectacular birthday cake and several assorted treats for guests to enjoy, we arranged them on a white modern table with a sparkling gold base. Behind it, a 20-foot-long mural featuring black-and-white line art illustrations of animals and tropical foliage with pops of color and an inspiring quote for the birthday boy awed every guest.

Opposite the dessert display, we created a chic lounge for parents to enjoy. The space found life through stands filled with tropical leaves and blooming white floral. And the best part is, adults could spend a few minutes hands-free, as our on-sire event sitters kept an eye on the little ones.

As exciting as the décor for these party animals was, our other focus was creating entertainment options that would appeal to both kids and adults. That meant digital art portraits by a live artist that coordinated with the party design and doubled as take-home favors. A balloon bar let guests select from fun options to take home a custom balloon. Coloring stations provided motivational animals for the kids and modern tropical prints for the adults. Lastly, the toddler playmat gave the guest of honor and his buddies a place to get their hands on some cute toys and books.

For memories of the big day, we installed a photo backdrop made of dried tropical leaves and white florals, showing off hues of greens, white and hints of orange. On the ceiling, a 15-foot organic balloon installation dotted with tropical-inspired paper leaves and lots of color hung over the crowd.

The buffet of finger foods and favorite snacks were appropriate for all ages … but there was one special extra for adults – a special signature cocktail dubbed, The Wild One.

Each and every fun detail made the party as much fun to look at, as it was actually be there! For sure, it was a wonderful day to celebrate Noah’s 1st year and go into the next with a “ROAR!”