Behind the Scenes: Tracee Ellis Ross Pattern Beauty Activation at Ulta Beauty Atlanta

Brands — April 20, 2023

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Atlanta, with its southern charm and bustling vibes, never seemed brighter. An unmissable aura of anticipation hung in the air at Ulta Beauty Atlanta as a new beauty activation was waiting to come onto the scene. There was a whisper that something big was about to unfold, and boy, the guests weren’t disappointed. The buzz was all about the new heat collection product launch event by Pattern Beauty, founded by Tracee Ellis Ross.

As guests walked in, the first thing that caught their eyes was the dreamy, neutral color palette. It felt like a warm, sun-kissed afternoon with shades of brown, delicate nudes, and a sprinkle of vibrant yellow. This wasn’t just an ordinary event; it felt like stepping into a living mood board, a direct peek into Tracee’s vision for Pattern Beauty. Every detail from the product layout to the backdrops to the balloon arches was a true testament to Tracee’s passion for creating beautiful things. We were able to successfully mirror the beauty she created with this brand through the event’s decor & that is what it’s all about for an event planner!

The interactive setup was one of the most intriguing pieces we designed. It wasn’t one of those posh, stand-and-observe sort of displays. It was a call to engage, touch, feel, experience, and interact with the brand and products. The custom fabricated wall, almost like a contemporary canvas, echoed the brand’s ethos and acted as the perfect backdrop for her gorgeous products.

And the giant mirror to the left? It was impossible not to be drawn to it. 

Balloon installations hovered, making it seem as if the store was in its own little bubble, cocooned away from the world, creating its own universe of beauty. The outdoor installation was a magnet, pulling in guests who excitedly chatted about their favorite Pattern hair product from the new collection as they waited their turn.

Yet, the true heart of this product launch event was its hands-on approach. Guests weren’t mere observers; they were participants. With skilled hairstylists from Ulta Beauty weaving their magic, the event blended expert consultations, playful trials, and shared beauty tales. Overheard conversations ranged from hair woes to personal anecdotes, transforming the event into a mini-forum on hair and beauty.

But let’s be honest. The gracious presence of Tracee Ellis Ross undeniably catalyzed the crowd’s electric energy. She wasn’t there as just a figurehead. She laughed, shared stories, and made the entire day feel like a close-knit gathering rather than a corporate product launch event. 

A nod is essential to Janet Howard Studio for those breathtaking photographs. Through her lens, she captured not just the event but the spirit, the laughter, the intimate chats – the very soul of the day.

As the day winded down and guests stepped out, clutching their little bags of Pattern hair products, they were carrying back not just handy heat protection tools. It felt more like stealing snippets of conversations, Tracee’s infectious laughter, and a piece of that warm Atlanta afternoon.

In a world where product launch events can sometimes feel mechanical and detached, this felt different. It was personal, genuine, and heartfelt. For Atlanta, a city already renowned for its grand events, this day carved out its own special nook. Magic truly transpired in this Ulta Beauty Atlanta and we are so thrilled we were able to be a part of it!

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Photos by Janet Howard Studio