Crafting a Wellness Event for the Soul with xoNecole from Atlanta to New York City

Brands — October 27, 2022

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Wellness events have become the epicentres of rejuvenation and self-realization. One such landmark event was the “Made For Me” series, flawlessly designed for xoNecole in Atlanta, GA, and Brooklyn, NY. Partnering with Toyota, we embarked on a transformative journey. Pivoting from the daily hustle to a day of gentle introspection, energy revitalization, and community bonding – we stepped out of daily habits.

In the setting of the Atlanta event, The Factory‘s industrial aura offered an expanse that became a canvas tailored for complete decompression. Against this backdrop, the gleaming Toyota Corolla Cross beckoned, ready for its close-up. Guests could seamlessly drift from capturing their radiant selves beside the vehicle to workshops harmoniously balanced between three pillars: Abundance, Love, and Purpose. 

The spaces, draped in yellows and blues, created a warm environment for engagement. An aura-reading photography stand delved into the ethereal realm of attendees, capturing their radiant auras. Another attraction was the “Made For Me Affirmation wall”. Here, attendees could ink down plans for the upcoming year after absorbing wisdom from esteemed speakers.

Moreover, the “Stepping Into” photo moment featured a custom staircase and booth where guests chose their post-event path: Abundance, Love, or Purpose. A grounding yoga session was also in the lineup, preceded by a main stage session with the dynamic Megan Good.

Transitioning to Brooklyn, the event nestled in the heart of 501 Union, was a testament to modern wellness community warmth. This event truly felt like a wellness retreat with its immersive sound bath meditation room. The venue’s existing furniture was harmoniously integrated, and adorned with thoughtful embellishments.

A dedicated yoga backdrop set the stage for spiritual practice. The main stage design had a really distinctive and unique color palette. Accentuated with dark cyan, dark turquoise, indigo dye, rich black , chrome yellow, and peach puff – it painted an enchanting picture. 

The Toyota Corolla Cross was showcased again with a therapeutic addition — chair massages. Then, there was the swag — black bags stamped with the distinct “Made For Me” logo, ready to be donned by attendees and further promote the wellness day.

Producing these events has been nothing short of a soulful journey. The day’s objective was clear: helping attendees find their unique wellness rhythm.

In essence, whether it was Atlanta or NYC, the goal was the same: to foster a space of transformation, one that truly echoed the sentiment, “I am Made For Me.” This wellness event was more than a relaxing experience – it was inspiring, engaging, and memorable, engaging friendships and connections that will further trigger some other positive chain of events. As an event planner in Atlanta, we are more than glad to have had the opportunity to take part in such a marvelous affair. 

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Atlanta Photos by Mecca Gamble

Brooklyn Photos by Aida Malik Photography