Women Who Roar | Aventer Gray Co. Launch Party

Brands — July 9, 2019

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Unless you’re completely stuck inside a bubble, you know it’s the year (decade, even) of the woman! This Aventer Gray Co. Launch Party highlighted just that. Everywhere we turn ladies are celebrating other ladies and empowering each other to chase dreams, find their passion and curate success for the utmost fulfillment. I love it! And as a fellow female entrepreneur, it was my honor to design an event that brought that to light – the launch of the Aventer Gray Co. lifestyle brand.

The goal of this launch party was to create a glamorous and modern garden where every QUEEN in attendance could INTERACT with others, be EMPOWERED with the tools and confidence to experience HARMONY throughout her REIGN. Using a rich, romantic color palette, gorgeous floral arrangements, elegant script and modern design elements, we transformed a ballroom into a special place filled with all kinds of beauty – including every guest who walked in.

I love when we can set the mood for an event as soon as the doors open. This event began by introducing to the Aventer Gray Co. brand to each woman as soon as they walked in. Grand, gold frames accented by stunning pink, white and purple floral showcased logo photos of Aventer, the brand’s founder. A dramatic balloon installation framed each entry into the ballroom, accompanied by a custom signature logo sign boasting Aventer’s core values. It set the scene for an incredibly empowering experience before guests even entered!

Once inside, it was all about how each guest was able to INTERACT – both with each other and as they worked their way through the event. A rosy pink carpet led them through a cherry blossom tunnel to the step and repeat printed in soft, rose gold with Aventer Gray’s signature quote, “Her substance is layered by quintessential strength that comes from the tests of her faith.” And, to motivate each woman to be her own cover girl, a magazine selfie booth provided further introduction to what they were about to experience.

Guests dropped by the Aventer Gray Co. Boutique to shop Aventer’s signature products designed to EMPOWER each woman. They shopped the Harmony Reign journal, custom shirts, a luxurious candle collection and delicate bracelets. This space also created an opportunity to uplift each woman by inviting them to select scripture cards in different areas where they might need encouragement (i.e. Love, Peace, Hope, Healing or Strength) or fill out prayer request cards in answer to Aventer’s question, “Sis, how may I serve you with prayer?”

I designed the HARMONY lounge to continue to uplift our guests, but also to pamper them (we’re women who work hard, after all!). Women chose from a foot massage station, custom lip bar, portraits on a selfie swing and custom fashion illustrations by an on-site artist drawn on custom paper with Aventer Gray’s quote, “The beauty that is you, only you can wear. Own it from the inside out.

In between shopping and pampering, a decadent dessert garden tempted with options like rosy-hued iced doughnuts, custom sugar cookies, pink and purple cannoli and cake pops. And before the program began, each queen enjoyed her REIGN atop the glamorous throne while photographers captured her portrait.

Once the programs began, women found their seat in the cozy living room we designed using modern lounge furniture. The stage included gorgeous gold metal and rosy velvet furniture, accented by stunning floral and a custom, block letter Aventer sign as the backdrop. Elevated simplicity, this room gave guests and panel discussion leaders the perfect setting for conversation that could be intimate, genuine and – above all – truly empowering. I can’t wait to see what Aventer does next!

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