xoNecole ElevateHer, a curated festival celebrating womenpreneurs and women-owned brands

Brands — March 18, 2022

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There’s nothing more beautiful than the sight of seeing women raise and inspire each other, building a world that will change HERstory! As an Atlanta event planner, I had the honor of creating a space where women could come and share their unique ideas in hopes of revolutionizing the way women are seen in entrepreneurship. This event gave space for women to rise up and support women-owned brands and womenpreneuers. That said, ElevateHer by xoNecole wasn’t just another Atlanta event. It was an inspiration paradise. Imagine this: You walk into Mason Fine Arts and you’re greeted by this incredible 10-foot art installation. It’s so awe-inspiring that you just have to snap a selfie in front of it!

As you stroll around, you discover this gorgeous ‘Throne Wall.’ Think of it as an Instagram playground sprinkled with empowering quotes like “Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns.” Trust me, you’d want to sit on those royal throne chairs and feel like a queen.

An Atlanta event planner must always think about the final goal – how do you want your event to inspire? As ElevateHer wants to help women soar in the business world, we created the ‘Offer Wall,’ where everyone scribbles down their skills and what they’re looking for. It’s like a networking goldmine where you could find your next collaborator or mentor.

The Main Stage? Oh, it was something else! Wrapped in shades of pink and white, it hosted these eye-opening panels on everything from bootstrapping to landing major retail partnerships. In the same room 2 fabulous photo moments gave guests spots to capture selfies and post on social.

Amid all the action, an Atlanta event planner must consider the cool down. So, we created a ‘Crown Lounge’, where attendees could get a palm reading or have their astrological chart explained. The women behind ElevateHer loved henna hand painting, so they also included that! And let’s not forget those Crown Cocktails; they were the kind of drinks that tasted as fantastic as they looked.

We really wanted this event to pop up and to bring a sense of community where women could share ideas with each other. What I didn’t mention before was the ‘Marketplace’ section, a special area dedicated to female entrepreneurs showcasing their businesses. You could find anything from artisanal soaps to handcrafted jewelry. Every booth felt like a mini-universe of creativity and passion. It’s not just window shopping; it’s soul shopping, you know? The kind of place where your money feels well-spent because you’re supporting someone’s dream.

Then, there was the ‘Wellness Corner,’ a quiet nook where you could participate in short meditation sessions or get some quick workout tips. In the hustle of all the empowerment and networking, this little oasis gave us all a chance to breathe, focus, and return to the center.

But you know what really got me? It’s not just the $35,000 in sales that the event generated for women-owned businesses. It’s the sparks that flew—conversations started, friendships made, and a strong sense of community that you could almost touch.

As people left, you could tell they were taking home more than just some goodies. It felt like everyone was carrying a piece of this larger dream where every woman was a rockstar queen with an unshakeable crown.

By the end, it was clear this was more than an event. ElevateHer felt like the launchpad for so many stories yet to be written, for dreams yet to be realized. It was about lighting a fire that would keep us all warm long after we’d left the building. As an Atlanta event planner, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

So yeah, ElevateHer was a game-changer, not just an event to attend and forget. It set the groundwork for something much bigger—a movement, I’d say. Being part of it was like a jolt of electricity, filling me with both wonder and strength. And honestly, I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

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Photos by Janet Howard Studio