Celebrating with A Lot of Heart | A Custom Corporate Event

Brands — February 11, 2019

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I absolutely love being able to design events that are completely unique and creatively unexpected, and when I get to unleash those ideas to elevate your standard (did someone say, stuffy?) corporate events, it gets even better. One of my favorites was Heartgard’s 30th Anniversary celebration. Four hundred employees gathered outside under a gorgeous tent to toast the pet brand’s rich history amongst interactive and fun design details, music, good food and more. I know the guests had a good time, but putting all of the pieces together on this one was so much fun!

We installed a standard tent, but draped the ceiling in strands of red fabric, creating a cool red and white look from the top down. We added two lounges in white and black with plenty of pops of red using custom pillows and vibrant floral arrangements. Guests gathered around modern tables, be it high boys covered in black and white print fabric or cocktail tables in a red textured linen, and each dotted with small floral centerpieces for one more, irresistible blink of the brand’s bold signature color.

The goal for the event was a space where employees could mix, mingle and have fun with the brand top of mind, so we decked the event from floor to ceiling to station with red and white details. My favorite stop was the European style flower market where a sign encouraged employees with gratitude to, “Laugh, smile, love … and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers … Thanks for all that you do!” From bouquets of red flowers and greenery, the guests picked out their favorites to be hand wrapped and taken home.

Speaking of fun favors, guests got to take home custom marble coasters. We engraved the Heartgard  logo on marble coasters before calligraphers customized each set with the guest’s name. I loved how intentional this company was about sending their guests home with gifts that were both custom and practical … not to mention stylish!

The décor was where I truly loved taking this vision all the way. We installed a 7-foot-tall heart dessert display using a custom fabricated white heart with built-in shelves to hold an array of decadent red and white sweets. From pet-shaped sugar cookies to sprinkled cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels, bite-sized brownies and more, no guest’s sweet tooth went unsatisfied … especially since that was before they even cut into the custom, three-tired anniversary cake.

The custom design elements continued throughout the event, truly making this unlike any typical corporate event. Guests carried custom napkins, custom labeled favor bags for take-home treats, table signs full of fun facts from the company’s stellar 30 years and custom wall panels to showcase more of Heartgard’s rich history.

As much fun as I had watching the employees revel in the things their company shared with them, I know they had even more fun doing it first hand. As a planner, that’s a gift I am always excited to bring home.