Dialing Back to Y2K: Lauren’s 2000s Birthday Bash in Los Angeles

Social Events — April 24, 2022

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Planning Lauren’s Y2K themed party was a trip. Literally, a journey back to the dawn of the millennium. The early 2000s were chaotic, colorful, and iconic – just the vibe Lauren wanted for her birthday at Redbird‘s West Room in Los Angeles.

When Lauren first told us she wanted a 2000s themed party, our inner teen spirits squealed with delight. That era was all about bold choices, quirky trends, and memorable music. And now, we had the chance to bring it all back for a night, to recreate the feels and the fashion that so many of us remember fondly.

Redbird’s West Room was our canvas; we painted it in moody hot pink and deep purple hues. I remember browsing countless magazines and websites to get that lighting just right – to evoke those chic, rebellious vibes of the 2000s.

The energy in the room was palpable, like the static before a pop concert. We love unexpected details and the 4-tier birthday cake drew everyone in. We were quite chuffed with how it turned out, featuring powerful women from that era. It was more than just dessert; it was a statement, a tribute to the strong voices that defined those years

One of our favorite additions to this colorful event was the photo booth. We had stumbled upon a nostalgic photo of Lauren in front of her school locker, and voilà! The idea for the photo booth that made a statement at her Y2k themed party backdrop was born!

Seeing everyone take snaps there, laughing and reminiscing, was just heartwarming. This birthday bash felt like a school reunion, filled with shared memories. Creating the lounge area was like setting up a scene from an old music video. The hot pink velvet furniture brought back memories of watching MTV and dreaming of being in one of those videos. It was a colorful event that held an incredible power to transport us back in time and sweep us with nostalgia. 

Guests sipping on the cocktails and jotting down memories in Lauren’s school composition book was a sight. But nothing, and we mean nothing, prepared guests for the euphoric surprise performance by the iconic singer Mýa. Watching everyone lose themselves in her performance was the highlight of that night.

The “Welcome to Lopo’s Birthday Party” slogan was indeed brought to life that evening. It felt as if we were all teenagers again, soaking in the raw energy of the 2000s. Planning this party was both a challenge and an absolute delight. It was a vivid reminder that, as event planners based in Atlanta and traveling worldwide, we didn’t just set up spaces – we recreated eras, memories, and moments. Every little detail counts, and seeing them come together is pure magic.

To everyone who’s ever dreamed of turning back time, even just for a night, know that it’s possible- this Y2K themed party is vivid proof of it! And if you ever wish to relive an era or just need someone to bring your wild ideas to life, drop me a line. Let’s craft memories together. Dive into some of our other designs, or hit us up

Photos by Rita Labib