Essence Wellness House Atlanta 2023: A Sanctuary of Self-Care and Serenity

Brands — March 22, 2023

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When you think of an oasis, what comes to mind? For us, it’s a space where you can let go, breathe deeply, and focus on the true essence of being: your well-being.

That’s exactly what we aimed for when designing the 2023 Essence Wellness House Atlanta. This wellness event was more than just another inspiring and promotive social gathering. It was rather a transformative journey. We wanted to capture the feeling of self care and the importance of taking care of yourself as a whole.

From the moment guests arrived at The Carlyle, they entered a realm of complete tranquility. The check-in experience wasn’t just procedural; it was the starting point of a journey into self-care. With a color palette echoing calmness — featuring shades of blue, white, and peach hues — every corner was carefully curated to evoke peace and abundance. The floral artistry added an element of grounding to the event and offered the perfect layer of earthiness.

Our two distinct stages were the pillars of this wellness event. The Abundance Stage was a visual feast with fresh-cut stems and overflowing florals framing the backdrop. We wanted guests to feel like they were standing in the heart of a lush garden, ready to absorb wisdom.

On the other hand, the Peace Stage at this self-care day was designed to imitate the soothing waves of water. Imagine blues and ivory flowing around you, with a 3D logo punctuating the air like a mantra.

If you’re not posting on Instagram, it’s like it never happened, right? Thus, we created a unique photo-friendly platform for those looking to create social media memories. Even if you think you’re not photogenic, we promise this moment will make you feel fabulous! We love being able to add a space specifically for those looking to commemorate the event, snap a photo with friends, and post about what they experienced.

Flanked by lush greenery and florals, guests had a moment to shine, reminding them that, yes, they are the center of their own universe. Isn’t this a brilliant way to enhance a wellness day experience?

Thirsty? Our Hydration Station, boldly adorned in black and white, did more than just quench thirst. Sponsored by Smartwater, it was an invitation to “Hydrate Your Soul.”

And for those needing an extra sprinkle of peace, Amour Alley offered massages amidst a zen atmosphere punctuated by scented candles and lush plants. This truly was the perfect oasis for those looking to get away, take a load off, and work on their inner peace.

As event designers at Lemiga Events, we’re honored to have curated a space that not only looked aesthetically pleasing but also touched lives in the most profound ways through the emotion, the experience, and the memories we help create. Yes, it’s about the design and look of an event, but it is also about how an event makes you feel. This is the perfect example of a beautiful event that also evoked feelings of gratitude, learning, peace, and more.

So, here’s to a wellness event that was a sanctuary for every person who stepped in to make themselves a priority. Remember: self-care and wellness don’t just come by at a one-day event. It’s a habit one must nurture daily!

And if you’re wondering if we can top this wellness event, let’s just say we’re already brimming with ideas. Because a future of abundant wellness is never uninspiring, now is it?!

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Photos by Janet Howard Studio