From Screen to Speakeasy: xoNecole’s Harlem Watch Party Takes NYC by Storm

Brands — March 21, 2023

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It was the sort of night New York City is made for. Deep in the heart of Harlem, Ginny’s Supper Club, with its velvety undertones, waited. As the clock neared the hour, the air buzzed with anticipation. This wasn’t just any night. This Harlem watch party was xoNecole‘s tribute to Prime Video’s Harlem TV show season finale – a watch party and an influencer event.

The club’s entrance whispered of bygone speakeasy days. Guests were drawn into a lavish medley of colors – a delightful dance of pink, purple, yellow, and orange – reminiscent of Harlem’s golden years. Eleven tables, resplendent in jewel-toned velvet, eagerly awaited the arrival of the elite guests. Their first greeting? Orange menu cards paired perfectly with customized logo pillows, like love notes left behind.

Yet, it wasn’t just about the décor. As DJ Red Corvette took over, time blurred. Her setlist, a euphoric mix of Harlem’s classics and today’s sizzling hits, became the evening’s heartbeat. Feet tapped, and the dance floor ebbed and flowed with energy. Off to the side, a curated menu of soulful delights powered by GrubHub and signature Harlem-themed cocktails awaited the revelers, ready to quench and tantalize this watch party.

Amidst the laughter and clinking glasses, two installations stood tall, both irresistible in their pull. The first, a neon-lit confessional booth, beckoned attendees with its “Harlem State of Mind” tag. Here, guests bared their hearts, offering candid takes on the series. A stone’s throw away, a photo booth reminiscent of a Harlem brownstone flirted with attendees, promising memories frozen in time.

Our confessional video booth, bathed in neon with the tag “Harlem State of Mind”, became a haven for guests to express their heartfelt opinions about the show. The radiant colors, coupled with a curtain for privacy, created an intimate space for genuine confessions. 

As the night matured, the true stars emerged. The stage, an elegant arrangement of plush furniture, welcomed Tracy Oliver, the visionary behind the Harlem TV series and her stellar cast. Their candid chat, touching on characters, the potency of Black joy onscreen, and hints of a season three, was like eavesdropping on friends – intimate and revealing.

Every detail regarding this watch party was meticulous. From swag bags with empowering slogans to metallic garlands and florals that mirrored the evening’s color palette, nothing was amiss. Even the yellow ottomans scattered around weren’t just for sitting. They were conversational pieces, art in their own right.

The cherry atop this celebratory soirée? The dulcet tones of host and journalist Kéla Walker. Navigating the evening with grace, she ushered in a dialogue that seamlessly blended past, present, and the hopeful future of “Harlem”. Each word, each shared moment, deepened the bond between the show and the spectator.

To sum it up? It wasn’t merely an evening. It was Harlem – its legacy, its present, and its promising future, all rolled into one unforgettable night. As the last note played and the final guest departed, the promise of more stories, celebrations, and such nights lingered. With xoNecole at the helm, the spirit of Harlem is not just alive; it thrives.

As an event planner based in Atlanta and planning events worldwide, the opportunities are endless for us. But we are thrilled to have once again collaborated with xoNecole on this watch party in Harlem, New York.  Since our collaboration is ongoing, we can say for sure that the pleasure was present on both ends and visible on every guest’s pleasant, smiling face during this tribute to Harlem season 2 finale.

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Photos by Amy Anaiz