Elegant Rochester NY Wedding

Weddings — August 1, 2022

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From the moment James and Kaila asked me to be their destination wedding planner, I knew I was in for a fun planning experience! James had a love for Kaila that just radiated and we never had a conversation where there weren’t plenty of laughs. This Rochester, NY wedding was the epitome of elegance and beauty!

Returning to Kaila’s hometown for this Rochester NY wedding, the couple married in her childhood church – Aenon Baptist . Inspired by the theme of “All of the Lights,” we were set on designing a wedding that was nothing short of spectacular. And with hints of celebrating black excellence and royalty, this Rochester wedding was going to be fabulous!

One thing you should know about me being a luxury wedding planner is that I love details – even the smallest ones that often get overlooked. With Kaila and James, I took these small details to create wow moments. When you step into a celebration designed with a custom royal crest from Papered Wonders, you know you’re in for an elegant and memorable affair! This majestic emblem graced everything from the invitations to the decor, tying the entire wedding into a unified theme. To add a vivid contrast to the church’s traditional setting, we adorned the altar and choir stand with lush drapery. We even replaced the existing green carpet with an ivory runway, allowing Kaila to walk down the aisle like the Queen she is.

After the gorgeous couple exchanged vows and said their sweet “I do’s”, the celebration continued at the Wintergarden by Monroe’s, one of the finest Rochester, NY wedding venues. We had plenty of opportunities to play around with our creative design since the venue offered us a clean slate to create the most romantic Rochester wedding. As a nod to the wedding theme “All Of The Lights”, we staged a tunnel of twinkling lights. The Wintergarden transformed into a celestial haven in the blink of an eye.

But before inviting the guests to see what we’ve done with this amazing Rochester, NY, wedding venue, they enjoyed cocktail hour, where we placed a unique escort card wall featuring Kaila and James’ engagement photos with LED lights. However, the added Bible verses about marriage made the wall even more memorable and meaningful.

Once the reception officially began, everyone was stunned by how we transformed the Wintergarden Rochester, NY! The couple knew that the dance floor was going to be packed – and they were right! Considering this, we turned it into a pièce de résistance under a beautifully lit canopy featuring their personalized monogram. With both a DJ and a live band, you can only imagine the atmosphere of their vibrant celebration of love.

When you’re a luxury wedding planner, you need to think of everything. We wanted to provide guests with a beautiful space where they could just chill out in between dancing. We designed a lounge area with a white sofa with monogrammed pillows and scattered candles, fitting in perfectly with the overall theme of the wedding. We even included a photo booth that helped them make cherished memories!

James and Kaila got their Rochester wedding exactly as they envisioned it – luxe, chic, magical, and timeless. This was not only a day to remember but also a vivid demonstration of their love and devotion to each other, where everyone were able to join in celebrating their union.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to James and Kaila for trusting me to be their destination wedding planner. If you want to look at even more beautiful events, check out the rest of my blogs. Finally, if you need a luxury wedding planner based in Atlanta, reach out at any time!

Photos by Ross Oscar Knight

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