Porsha William’s Paradise: How The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Star Brought Her 40th In With a Tropical Theme Party

Social Events — August 20, 2022

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When we talk about birthdays in Atlanta, we are always striving to bring to life new ideas and experiences. Porsha Williams Guobadia, the radiant diva from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, orchestrated a birthday bash so exotic that it could’ve been pulled straight from the pages of a luxury travel magazine. The West Venue in Atlanta wasn’t just the location for the birthday party; it became the epicenter of a “P Island”- themed tropical oasis.

Imagine entering an event space where every tropical party decor detail has been meticulously curated— everything hand-picked in order to bring her vision to life. Guests were first greeted by the soothing tunes of a steelpan drums, setting the ambiance for the tropic vibe right from the start. In their vibrant attire, Junkanoo dancers swayed rhythmically, reminding everyone that this wasn’t just another birthday celebration but Porsha’s grand 40th. It truly was a tropical getaway right in the heart of Atlanta!

The “P Island” floral wall, a visual spectacle, stood as a tropical beacon, inviting every attendee to capture memories against its lush backdrop. The charm didn’t stop there. A greenery-filled tunnel, reminiscent of dense tropical jungles, ushered guests to the main event space. There, under the shimmering lights, an oversized dance floor showcased artwork from the event invitation— a bold black background surrounded by colorful florals.. Massive 15-foot tropical floral pieces stood sentinel, exuding a fragrance that would make any botanist’s heart flutter.

And Porsha? Well, she dazzled, not once, but twice. The media maven and entrepreneur showcased two breathtaking outfits at her tropical theme party: a pink one-shoulder cutout gown that flowed like a tropical waterfall and a sultry yellow halter dress that turned heads. Both adorned with jewels, these dresses weren’t just outfits; they were statements. “You know I love my looks! Having just one wasn’t an option,” she quipped.

Flanking her in style was an 8-foot bar stocked with signature cocktails. ‘P 40’ was the toast of the tropical theme party with its heady mix of Hennessy and coke, while ‘P Island’ – a delectable strawberry margarita, danced on many a palate. But it wasn’t just about cocktails. The gastronomic delights ranged from shrimp ceviche on edible spoons to an herb-roasted rack of lamb with chimichurri sauce. For those with a sweet tooth? Georgia peach cobbler cups ensured the night ended on a sweet note. Everyone left with full hearts and full bellies— the sign of any great party!

Yet, behind this spectacle was the genius of Lemiga Events – party planner Michelle Gainey, the event planner Atlanta can’t stop raving about. Taking a page from Porsha’s love for travel, she recreated a tropical fantasy that was nothing short of perfection. The vibrancy of the florals and lighting she chose brought the space to life and set the tone for the perfect tropical party!

Porsha’s family and friends were all witnesses to this tropical-themed marvel. As the evening wrapped, it was clear that Porsha’s 40th wasn’t just a milestone birthday celebration. It was an experience.

This event set a new precedent in a city known for its opulence and grandeur. As Porsha stood there, surrounded by her near and dear ones, the message was clear – age is just a number, but how do you celebrate it? Now, that’s an art. So, to those planning a one of a kind party — take a leaf out of Porsha’s book! After all, in the heart of Atlanta, she gave everyone a passport to “P Island.”

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Photos by Stanlo Photography