Empowering Grace & Vibrance: The 2022 Strength of a Woman Festival’s Dazzling Celebration

Brands — September 1, 2022

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In the heart of Atlanta, the city witnessed an event like no other. The Strength of a Woman Festival, masterfully orchestrated by the Ayars Agency for the incomparable Mary J. Blige in partnership with Pepsi, transformed the city into a vibrant canvas of empowerment, resilience, and community spirit. With Live Nation Urban backing this magnificent endeavor, the SOAW Festival was destined to be a landmark moment.

Spanning over 4 days across 6 iconic venues, the festival wasn’t just about entertainment. It was a testament to the indomitable spirit of black women, a celebration that sought to elevate, educate, and resonate with every soul in attendance. Embraced by a color palette of white, lime, peach, magenta, purple, and navy blue, each venue bloomed with floral and coral design elements, exuding a charm that was hard to resist.

At ROCK STEADY, the party kicked off for VIPs with a meticulously designed photo backdrop wall. The custom design, a vision of the top-tier event planner from Atlanta has come to know, was only a prelude to the grandeur that awaited. We love an ‘oomph’ moment right upon entrance and this definitely gave that feeling! It’s so fun to create a spot guests will be photographing over and over again. We love seeing our designs out in the wild of social media & being enjoyed by others! This was a win-win where the incredible event was also being shared all over social media spreading the good vibes far & wide.

Buckhead Theatre turned heads, its facade elegantly wrapped from top to bottom in custom vinyl. As attendees ventured inside, an aerial photography activation and a merch stand awaited on the main level. But it was the VIP suite upstairs, where a selfie moment and a floor mirror with the festival’s tagline offered reflection and inspiration. This year’s Strength of Women Festival offered true entertainment indulgence.

Tabernacle, a venue steeped in history, hosted concerts for emerging artists. Attendees could indulge in merchandise from a sprawling 24-foot stand and capture memories at two distinct photo activations – one boasting a graphic with LED accents and the other, a lively blend of bright foliage and LED light shapes.

The soul of the festival, however, lies in The Gathering Spot Atlanta. This venue bore the weight of the summit’s purpose, and it delivered. The space underwent a complete transformation: floor decals, custom wall prints, and door wraps enhanced its character. Two stages – one adorned with LED video walls and the other spotlighting black female artwork – resonated with the festival’s ethos of power and grace. It wasn’t just about spectating.

Guests immersed themselves in three diverse photo and video activations, a custom merch experience, and the unique Link Up wall, a nod to entrepreneurial networking.

Lastly, the Gospel Brunch at City Winery on Mother’s Day was an ode to divinity and perseverance. Sun Goddess Wine stood in the limelight, accentuated by custom wine barrels and a custom photo activation.

The festival decor was consistent, extending the Strength of a Woman Festival’s branding through wall vinyl installations, art panels, and a stage backdrop that shimmered in custom blue draping.

In essence, the Strength of a Woman Festival was more than an event; it was a movement. An experience that celebrated the power, perseverance, and resilience inherent in every woman. As attendees departed, it was clear that this festival, with its mission to empower and educate, had left an indelible mark on their hearts. Here’s to strength, grace, and the undeniable spirit of women.

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 Photos by Janet Howard Studio