Vegas Baby! | A Fabulous 40th Birthday

Social Events — October 15, 2018

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Here’s the truth: In designing a Vegas-style birthday party for the one-and-only Kim Zolciak-Biermann I knew two things. One, it couldn’t be typical and two, it had to be fun. Luckily, Kim and her husband Kroy trusted me to match her famous personality and unique taste with a  design for an over-the-top milestone birthday party in their home.

Immediately, I knew vibrant reds, pinks and golds would best complement Kim’s personality so perfectly. They also created a bold backdrop to my unique spin on Vegas with a glamorous and chic design scheme that still hinted at the high energy of “Sin City.”

It started with a grand, red carpet entrance that set the tone for the party to follow. My design team made a custom step and repeat showing off the classic Vegas sign with bursting brightly colored flowers. Once guests documented their first moments at the party, they continued through the front door where a beautiful flowing flower arch invited them inside. Here, a custom-made neon sign welcomed them to the party, using Kim’s signature saying, “Ask, Believe & Receive.”

Inside, we cleared the patio of the Biermann’s furniture to create a Vegas-style casino and lounge. That meant areas of plush red lounge furniture, gold tables and a fabulous bar featuring cocktails sponsored by Ciroc. Because Kim hosted her party in the summer, it was the perfect kind of night to hang out by the pool, so we carried Vegas outside with touches of red flowers in a floating monogram and big oversized custom dice that were back lit and glowed at night. Of course, there’s no Vegas without a little gambling, so we stocked the house with plenty of Kim’s favorite casino table games, complete with custom money and chips engraved with the birthday girl’s monogram.

This party didn’t lack for dramatic installments, but what I loved most were the larger-than-life flower arrangements we used to highlight different areas for the guests to relax and spend time together. My favorites were the two grand pieces that led guests to the photo booth and the fabulous cake wall. Even the fireplace featured a gorgeous garland to complement this glittering event. A flower-lover’s dream come true:  if there was an empty surface, we covered it with petals!

As long as I am listing my favorite things about this special night, as beautiful as the decor was and as perfectly as the theme came together, the most touching part of the party was to witness all the love and admiration that flowed through the party to honor Kim. More valuable than fun, play money, creative props and yummy sweets, the fact that her husband and her kids were by her side to toast her made this a truly memorable night! I loved being a part of it.

Photography by Janet Howard Studio